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Over 280 beaches in Greece are being made accessible for wheelchair users

That's wonderful news! The initiative by Greece's tourism minister to make 287 beaches across the Greek islands fully accessible to people with mobility problems is a significant step towards inclusive tourism. The SEATRAC system, developed by Gerasimos Fessian and Ignatios Fotiou, plays a crucial role in this effort. It provides a fixed track mechanism with a remote control-operated chair that allows wheelchair users to move in and out of the sea easily.

The SEATRAC system has been successfully implemented in various countries, including Greece, Italy, Cyprus, and Latvia. The company plans to expand its reach to new markets in Croatia, Spain, the UK, the UAE, the USA, and Turkey. The system can be installed on different types of terrains, accommodating various beach environments.

In addition to the SEATRAC launch, the company has introduced an "accessibility chain" for beaches utilizing the system. This chain ensures that disabled beachgoers have access to essential facilities such as parking, walkways, accessible changing rooms, toilets, and shaded areas.

The goal is to make beaches worldwide fully accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy the sea independently and safely. This initiative not only enhances the travel experiences of individuals with mobility challenges but also promotes inclusivity in the tourism industry.

For more information and to find a list of beaches that have SEATRAC available, you can visit their website at

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